1970 was born in the Ukraine
1985-1989 Studies at the School of Art and Industry, Gzhel (near Moscow)
1990-1997 Designer, porcelain painter, and teacher at the porcelain factory “Gzhel” (near Moscow)
1997 Emigration to the Federal Republic of Germany
2001 Self-employed ceramic designer and painter
2013 Moving into own atelier Wiesbaden


2012 Award of the magazine “New Ceramics”
2013 Article in the journal “New Ceramics” (“Portrait”-section)
2015 First prize of the competition “In’s Blaue” on the Cologne pottery market
2017 Third prize of the competition “Vessels” on the Cologne pottery market
2019 Second prize of the competition “Insects” on the Cologne pottery market
First prize of the “X Biennial of Ceramics del Vendrell”, Spain
2021 Honor Mention at Biennial of Ceramic Art Aveiro, Portugal
Second Prize at the 20th Biennial of ceramics Esplugues, Angelina Alós, Spain


1992-1993 Hartford (USA)
1992-1997 Moscow and St.-Petersburg (Russia)
1994-2009 Limburg a.d.Lahn (Germany)
2011 Exhibition “Form World – Color World – Tile” / Ceramic Museum Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany
Competition “Walter Gebauer Ceramics Prize” / Biirgel, Germany
Exhibition “Can” / Handicraft Museum Deggendorf, Germany
2012 Exhibition “… Say it with flowers!” / Ceramics Museum Höhr- Grenzhausen, Germany
2013 Exhibition 7. Naspa Talent Award 2013 “The FIGURE/Sculpture in ceramics”, Germany
2015 Ceramic Triennale CODA Museum Apeldoorn, NL
Exhibition “Silent Power & Powerdrink: CERAMIC AND TEA“, Ceramic Museum Westerwald, Germany
2016 Exhibition “Tea Is Hot” Keramiekcentrum Tiendschuur Tegelen, NL
Exhibition CERAMICA MULTIPLEX 2016, Kerameikon Varazdin, Croatia
Porcelain biennial Meissen, Germany
2019 X Biennial of Ceramics del Vendrell, Spain
2020 Summer exhibition, Gallery Loes & Reinier International Ceramics, NL
Exhibition of the three winners of the X Biennale El Vendrell, Spain
Perron Art Award Frankenthal, Germany
2021 Exhibition “Vessel With Lid” Ceramic Museum Westerwald
XV Biennial of Ceramic Art Aveiro, Portugal
“Ceramics in Love – Three” – international competition Castellamonte, Italy
International Biennial of Ceramics Latvia Martinsons Award, Latvia
XX Biennial of Ceramic Art Esplugues, Spain